Friday, June 19, 2009

My father, my mentor

As a child, being the eldest of the four siblings in the family, I believe I was the pet of my father. When I was still a kid, Papa was the one who taught me how to draw and to paint. He always supported and encouraged me to join poster-making contests, which made me more confident for who I am today. He was not an artist by profession, but a lawyer and a journalist, but his love and passion for arts was invaluable. We shared the same passion. Whenever he went on travel, I would always be with him. He never treated me as a girl, but one of the boys which boosted my confidence to become more independent.

Looking back, I am convinced that he was the one who introduced me into running. I remember vividly those days when I would join him during his 45-minute early morning runs. We would run from our home to the town plaza then drop by at the bakery to buy a freshly-baked hot pan de sal then head home to our waiting mom to eat breakfast together. There were also times that Papa was in-charge of the kitchen while mom was teaching us with our lessons. Being a lawyer, he never hesitated to do some kitchen chores when needed. He loved to cook us with delicious foods.

But great times always come to an end. At 52 he was taken away by our Creator. Nevertheless, I will always remember the values and all the good things that you taught us. Papa, wherever you are now, I’m still going to greet you a HAPPY FATHER’S Day! I miss you and I love you.

To all the fathers and fathers to be, HAPPY FATHER’S Day!

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