Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is my ACL gone?

As advised by my ortho, I've undergone the torture of that deafening Magnetic Resonance Imagery (MRI) machine 2 months ago only to find out that I have an ACL. I religiously finished 12 continuous sessions of therapy just to avoid surgery. Nope, I’m not afraid of surgical operations because I already had 3, from trigger thumb, appendectomy and the removal of my gallbladder. What I am afraid of, is the risk of not being able to run again so I opted for rehabilitation. I rested from running for almost 3 months, neither jogging or brisk walking until yesterday when a runner friend and officemate assembled an agility/speed ladder used for plyometrics. We tested it during our athletics period. I loved the feeling of sweat running down my face again. I kept my attention to my injured right knee. Well, at least it cooperated, just a bit uneasy as I was worried that it will hurt again. I tried it for several minutes and the feeling of uneasiness was gone. My knee never bothered me… for now. Is my ACL gone?

This Sunday’s race will be my sort of test run again. I did not register for the race but I am planning to pace IceOne as he was registered for that said event. I will run as a bandit…I hope this time I can finish it pain free so I can say goodbye to my ever reliable knee brace. " No running during an injury is not a sign of slowing down, but a sign of wisdom." See you on the next road race...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who's the REAL ZORRO?

If you are a frequent Sunday racer here in the Metro, you will know the country's Running Zorro I am talking about. I don't actually know his name but his costumes and hmm smell is worth remembering. I am collecting different pictures of Zorro with other runners and plans to post them here in the future. If you don't mind, you can send them to me through my e-mail add just for fun.