Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a happy run

a happy finish after the happy run (with baby a.k.a. swthrt)

with Baby and IceOne

The Happy Run on January 25 was indeed a happy run for me not just because of the festive mood during the race, the entertainment, the water stations and the kilometer markers along the way.

The race was for the benefit of the school children of Bagong Tanyag, in Taguig City. Living in this city for almost 10 years now, I’ve been to almost all the places that are deprived of comfort and luxury. I’ve seen school children walking a kilometer or two on barefoot or sometimes on slippers just to be in time for school. In the evening some of them would go from one house to another to collect and dispose the neighborhood’s garbage just to earn and augment their meager centavos for their baon the following day. These children if given the chance to have a decent school and surroundings may have a bright future for them. We found this as an opportunity to help them in some other way however little it may be. We are thankful for being truly blessed that we can afford to buy our running paraphernalia, while some of them go to school on empty stomachs. We may have our own way of helping them but I am really thankful that we, runners, are united and one in doing our share for this good cause. Drew Arellano, Bianca Gonzalez, The Team Super, Coach Rio and the rest of the organizers did a very good job. Kudos to them!

For the lighter side, dahil masyado na ata madrama itong posting ko, I was really, really happy because I met Nora, the golden girl for the first time! At my bonus pa, I also got to meet her daughter eia!

(photo courtesy from life begins at 50) meeting the jolly golden girl for the first time

(photo courtesy from life begins at 50) with Baby, Nora and daughter Eia and Manny

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

PSE Bull Run: My WR (!?) for 2009

The PSE Bull Run was a much anticipated race being the first for this year. I expected a well-organized race but to the runners' dismay the race turned out to be a mess not to mention the inconvenience during our registration. But I don’t want to whine or complain as my run turned out quite well.

Manny and I arrived a bit early so that we will have enough time for our warm up and stretching. We registered for the 5K event as I was not quite confident with my knee injury ready for the 10K . We positioned at the middle of the assembly area after chatting with some of our officemates. It was a smooth and nice ride for me as my right knee cooperated until the 2.5 kilometer turn-around point with a time of 13 minutes. I calculated that if my knee continued to cooperate, I’d be fast enough to finish a time of 26 minutes or less for my 5K, which was my PR during the past years (and that was 3 years ago! hahaha!). I continued with that steady pace until I reached Essensa. That was the time I started to feel a throbbing pain on my patella which prevented me to take it easy until I saw Baby (BroJ’s sweetheart). We greeted each other and continued pacing. I was tempted to walk a bit and just jog before reaching the finish line. I was only relieved when I turned right and saw the finish line that I started to sprint. My unofficial time is 33:52. Though it was not a PR (I think it's WR, not world record but worst record, hehehe), I am happy enough that my knee doesn’t bother me after the race. I never paid attention to the long queue at the finish line because my attention was focused with my knees.
After the race, I met Bards(BananaRunning) thank you broJ for introducing us. BroJ also introduced me to Wilbert, Gigi (thefitmommy), Christy (Vener's wife). But I was sad that I never got to meet Nora, the golden girl. Baby and I even looked for her but to no avail. I hope, this Sunday's happy run we will meet na talaga!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Big C Scare and Running: A Tribute to Madam Emy

I just received an email from our yahoogroup that our former Professor in Architecture and a good friend passed away recently due to breast cancer. I am not sure how I am feeling today but my world fell apart upon hearing the news. I never thought that it would happen to her that way too soon. I remember her during my college days as very jolly, approachable and very informative professor especially when it comes to new trends, technology and techniques in architecture. We consider her as more than a friend rather than a professor. She never treated us as her students but more as being friends.

With the prevalent Big C scare especially for us women often affected in the cervix and breast, we really have to find ways to involve in healthy lifestyle. Stress, unhealthy foods, and pollutants really aggravate such kind of sickness and therefore we should combat it with healthy living. When was the last time you really sweat out in the gym or in your favorite sports? Sure we all have our hectic schedules but maybe this weekend, it’s time for us to lace our shoes and do some brisk-walking and jogging in the nearest park.

Madam Emy, wherever you are now, I am sure that you are already in a very safe place with the Lord. May you continue to build new edifice up there…

The Architecture Batch 91 of the Bicol University in Legazpi City with our professors.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Patakbo sa Kabundukan 12.21.2008

Post Race Photos:

A wacky pose from our team after the "Disaster" Race sa Kabundukan last December 21, 2008

This shot was taken by Romel. (clockwise) Norman, IceOne, me, our driver Mang Bert, Tolits, Ross, Ralph, Zaldy, Mar, Monette, Donald, Limuel and daughter Cacai.

and this was taken by Donald (clockwise) Ross, Ralph, Mar, Monette, Limuel and daughter Cacai, me, Zaldy, IceOne, Norman, Tolits and Romel.

Monday, January 5, 2009