Tuesday, January 20, 2009

PSE Bull Run: My WR (!?) for 2009

The PSE Bull Run was a much anticipated race being the first for this year. I expected a well-organized race but to the runners' dismay the race turned out to be a mess not to mention the inconvenience during our registration. But I don’t want to whine or complain as my run turned out quite well.

Manny and I arrived a bit early so that we will have enough time for our warm up and stretching. We registered for the 5K event as I was not quite confident with my knee injury ready for the 10K . We positioned at the middle of the assembly area after chatting with some of our officemates. It was a smooth and nice ride for me as my right knee cooperated until the 2.5 kilometer turn-around point with a time of 13 minutes. I calculated that if my knee continued to cooperate, I’d be fast enough to finish a time of 26 minutes or less for my 5K, which was my PR during the past years (and that was 3 years ago! hahaha!). I continued with that steady pace until I reached Essensa. That was the time I started to feel a throbbing pain on my patella which prevented me to take it easy until I saw Baby (BroJ’s sweetheart). We greeted each other and continued pacing. I was tempted to walk a bit and just jog before reaching the finish line. I was only relieved when I turned right and saw the finish line that I started to sprint. My unofficial time is 33:52. Though it was not a PR (I think it's WR, not world record but worst record, hehehe), I am happy enough that my knee doesn’t bother me after the race. I never paid attention to the long queue at the finish line because my attention was focused with my knees.
After the race, I met Bards(BananaRunning) thank you broJ for introducing us. BroJ also introduced me to Wilbert, Gigi (thefitmommy), Christy (Vener's wife). But I was sad that I never got to meet Nora, the golden girl. Baby and I even looked for her but to no avail. I hope, this Sunday's happy run we will meet na talaga!


Nora, the golden girl said...

Mae, how come we didn't see each other? What time did you arrive at the venue? I was there @5 AM pa! Did you leave right away? I was there until 7:40 AM, talking and posing with our runner friends.

Please send me your cell # at my e-mail add: ndelr2003@yahoo.com

Mae, the most important thing is to finish the race injury-free. With that, you're a sure winner!

gemini said...

when we heard that you already arrived at the finish line, Baby and I were looking for you, siguro di namin masyado napansin dahil sa dami ng tao...di bale there's this sunday run naman. I registered for the 5K event.
See ya!