Monday, February 16, 2009

My best gift on Valentine's Day

Among my three kids, Jag is probably the most under-rated and most under-estimated. Compared to his two younger sisters, they are at par when it comes to academics. Though Jag is only an average student, he seemed to excel in other fields. Actually, he was running a sub-50 min. 10K when he was a 6th grader, a frustrated rapeller, a good basketball player, and an aspiring Rakista. Last Valentine's Day was a great manifestation of his other God-given talent. After their school's Foundation Day program, I was surprised when my only son handed me a yellow rose and two medals. He was the champion in the poster-making contest, and bested in Chess beating even those fourth year students. That was a great surprise son. You made me prouder even more. I love you...

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Nora, the golden girl said...

Congratulations to Jag and to the proud mother who surely raised him well!

How's your knee Mae? Hope its better now. Are you back to running?